Friday, July 13, 2007


All of the girls here are girlfriends of either my boys or my nephews. The two boys on the far right are my youngest two... Timmy with his girlfriend Jordan (far right) and Matthew with his girlfriend Tiffany (next to Timmy). This is not a complete set of first cousins, but for this age group, it is pretty complete.

Basking on a rock. South fork of the American River, Coloma.


Carmi said...

Isn't it amazing how the next generation grows once SOs are taken into account? Our kids are still too young for that, of course. But when I think of the rich social network that they've developed, it amazes me that it all started from nothing.

Incredible how this kid stuff works!

PI said...

Rather more than a babbling brook! That looks as if one would have to be a strong swimmer to reach that little island. an idyllic spot nevertheless. Just here from Michele's.

flleenie said...

You have beautiful kids!!