Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another Tesla Concert - More Tesla Concert Pics


Bob-kat said...

Cool photos. Looks like it was a great gig. I know I had a great time when I saw them but it's been a while now.

Michele sent me to say hi this time.

Michele said...

Three questions, and yes, Mr. Althouse, I expect answers...

1. What is your opinion of guitarist Dave Rude, compared to Tommy Skeoch?

2. Were you a fan of Tesla in the 80's or only since they reformed in 2000?

3. Were you at this concert as a fan, for work, or both?

I also want to know if the concert was good, but I did not number THAT, because, well, this is a good counting day for me.

P.S. Great pictures Mike!

Mr. Althouse said...

1) Tommy is a great guitarist. I loved his stage presence. Dave Rude is awesome as well. We're stuck with Rude - it's not a bad thing.

2) I've been a fan of Tesla since the beginning.

3) Both

4) Ya, it was good!

PI said...

Hi Mike! Just visiting from Michele's. I don't feel it's appropriate for a Brit to comment on your politics so came to the photo blog and glad I did. The photo on the left is absolutely superb (guitarist) and I just love the delicate pastel beauty of the 'Hanging by a thread'
Have a good week-end!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike:

Was this taken from the Music Benefit show? Maybe,downtown in the park? I love Tesla from the beginning, too!

Do you remember Y&T playing at house? I saw them live here in Sac @ the Road House. They still sound good. I was great night for rockin' and playing the air guitar.

We should go to a show. When you have some time to spare.