Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chasing the Sun

I captured this shot just a couple of minutes too late. Although part of the sun is still visible just above the horizon, only about five minutes - or less - earlier, is was bright orange orb right on the edge of the sky. By the time I parked and found a site to shoot from, this is all that was left.

This is the same sky a little while later and down the road a few miles. The sun was gone but it left behind a nice sunset over the foothills.

Twilight and sunset provide the most interesting lighting.


Anna said...

As a eager photographer I am feel I am always chasing something. These are really beautiful Mike.

I love the auburns in the sky in the top image. They evoke a very dramatic feeling. Below it is very peaceful and serene as if tho say simply "the day is done".....


Snaggle Tooth said...

This one really was an eye-catcher on your main blog- with the black BG.
I find just before the sunset looks prettier to the eye, the light exposure n color comes out better on the cam, because if you wait just a few seconds too long, the light is too low for definition n color. Just a tip I recently discovered from all my late-day snaps...

Beautiful color-