Thursday, February 22, 2007

Classical Glass

This is the set up I've been shooting black and white with. Soon, I'll be posting some of the shots taken with this old but very functional equipment. The pictures are all developed, processed and printed by yours truly. Until the print hits the scanner bed, there is not a digital bit to be found. In the darkroom - with all the attendant odors and sounds - it's a creative experience completely different than tweaking histograms with a computer. It's painting with light and no two prints ever come out the same.


Anna said...

I can't wait for more Mike! Have fun with it!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I remember having a hevova time with the the smelly chems. My pics came out very different than envisioned at the start of the course.
Wish I had bucks to repair my manual SLR which had all the detachable lens n UV filter. I miss it-

Happy monochrome!

Carmi said...

It was my first experience in a b&w darkroom that lit my fires of photography. Capturing a scene from my imagination within a little box, then watching that image appear magically on the paper remains a powerful memory to this day.

Our next house will have a darkroom. It's an anachronism, I know, but it's about so much more than the end result.

Can't wait to see what your film saw.

PI said...

Thanks for the visit Mike and i look forward to seeing your pics. Have a good week-end!
Incidentally the people who had our house befor us used one room in the attic a a dark room and inside and enotmous wooden casing is a bath very stained. I hope he used it just for photography and not for acid baths! There goes my imagination again!

Mrs. Fun said...

*drool* look at those.

i will be back. love black and whites, timeless.