Friday, February 02, 2007

Old School/New School

It has been a week and two days since I put anything new up on this blog. Even my last photo wasn’t new - I shot it last November. I could go through my photo archives and find acceptable pictures to put up, but none really speak to me. Maybe some would, but there are so many so-so to bad shots that need weeding out, I just don’t feel much like going through them all. The Number One reason why this space has been neglected for so many days is that my camera is being repaired.

Strike that, it has been repaired. Canon’s web site allows for the tracking of repairs and they indicate that not only has the work been completed - free of charge - but also gave me a FedEx tracking number. My camera is currently, right now, only a few miles from me. It will be here tomorrow! Rest assured, the pictures will be coming shortly thereafter. Canon has joined an exclusive list of preferred corporations that include Apple and Hewlett-Packard who have earned my repeat business.

In the meantime, I have been shooting black and white with a vintage Canon AE-1 Program. Of course, I can’t post those images until I process the film (next week) and scan them. There is an interesting dichotomy regarding the digital/analog paradigms. On the one hand I’m am excited to see the shots I’ve been taking on film and on the other hand, I get (and miss) the instant gratification when shooting digital. Soon I’ll be shooting in both worlds and that will bring a whole new dynamic, I’m sure.

I took photography in high school. Back in the late seventies and very early eighties, there was no digital. My very first serious camera was a Canon AE-1 Program. It seems that I have come full circle - I can’t remember being so keyed up about anything… wondering what that film in my camera will develop into. I can hardly wait.

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Anna said...


I am just as excited as you are that your camera is on its way back to you! I totally know how you are feeling. Have fun rediscovering just how much you love photography! I am looking forward to seeing what you shoot.

Have a great weekend!